Original Eco Mercado first opened its doors in September 2022. Located in Rua da Alegria (in the city of Porto), OEM features a selection of natural and biodynamic wines made in Portugal, to pair with dishes made to highlight our excellent cured meats and cheeses.

Low intervention wines

Natural Portuguese wines, often referred to as "vinhos de baixa intervenção" in Portuguese, are wines that are produced with minimal human interference and a focus on natural processes. The low-interventionwinemaking approach seeks to allow the grapes to express their true characteristics and the unique terroir of the vineyard. 


Portuguese food

The freshness of organic and seasonal fruits and vegetables is a key element in the development of our dishes. Thinly cut vegetables, sometimes dressed in a simple vinaigrette, are then paired with various selected meats, naturally cured, and with slices of goat and sheep cheese.


Traditional desserts

Made by nuns in the convents and monasteries, conventual sweets are the most typical sweets of Portuguese cuisine. They are characterized by the use of large amounts of egg yolks, sugar and almonds. In our menu you can find Pudim Abade de Priscos, Toucinho do Céu, Barriga de Freira and Tarte de Requeijão.